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struct menu_item_struct
      struct menu_item_struct *next;      // 0-1      next
      struct menu_item_struct *prev;      // 2-3 prev
      u8 *name;                     // 4-5
      u16 row;                      // 6-7
      u16 col;                      // 8-9
      u16 status;                   // a-b      // 1 = enable 0 = disable
      u16 control;                  // c-d

typedef struct menu_item_struct MENU_ITEM;

struct menu_struct
      struct menu_struct *next;     // 0-1 next
      struct menu_struct *prev;     // 2-3 prev
      u8 *name;                     // 0x4-5
      u16 row;                      // 6-7      // guesing it's row
      u16 col;                      // 0x8-9
      u16 status;                   // 0xA-b  -  0 = no items.. empty
      struct menu_item_struct *head;      // 0xC-0xD - menu_item head
      struct menu_item_struct *cur; // 0xE-0xF - menu_item current
      u16 size;                     // 0x10-0x11 - number of items

typedef struct menu_struct MENU;

extern u16 menu_next_input;

extern u8 *cmd_set_menu(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_set_menu_item(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_submit_menu(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_enable_item(u8 *c);
extern void menu_enable_all(void);
extern u8 *cmd_disable_item(u8 *c);
extern void menu_item_set(u16 cont, u16 new_state);
extern u8 *cmd_menu_input(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_unknown_177(u8 *c);

extern void menu_input(void);
extern void menu_draw(MENU *var8);
extern void menu_clear(MENU *var8, MENU_ITEM *vara);

extern void menu_item_name_invert(MENU_ITEM *mi);
extern void menu_name_invert(MENU *m);
extern void menu_item_name(MENU_ITEM *mi);
extern void menu_name(MENU *m);

extern void menu_calc_size(MENU *var8);

extern void r_menu930a(void);

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