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extern u8 *cmd_print(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_print_v(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_print_at(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_print_at_v(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_close_window(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_display(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_display_v(u8 *c);

extern u8 *print_at(u16 msg_num, u8 *c);
extern u16 message_box(u8 *var8);
extern void message_box_draw(u8 *str, u16 row, u16 w, u16 toggle);
extern u8 *str_wordwrap(u8 *msg, u8 *str, u16 w);
extern u8 *r_display1f93(u8 *given_source, u8 *given_msg);
extern u8 *logic_msg(u16 msg_num);
extern u8 *str_to_int_ptr(u8 *s, u16 *num);
extern void display_new_line(void);

struct msgstate_struct
      // writable settings --------------
      // wanted width and position.
      u16 wanted_width;
      TPOS wanted_pos;
      // related to hgc.. not really useful I don't think.
      u16 dialogue_open;
      // '\' character.. if this exists then the next character is automatically put in.
      // it probably changes since the directories would be a bugger to print in save/restore functions
      u8 newline_char;        // 0x40 or 0x5c
      // internal settings ---------------------
      // visible == 1 window is displayed over picture buffer
      // visible == 0 no window is displayed
      u16 active;
      // text in messagebox
      TPOS tpos;        // top left pos of text to display
      TPOS tpos_edge;   // lower right pos of text to display
      SIZE tsize;       // height and width of the text displayed
      // added by me.. Nick
      u16 printed_height;     // the printed height.. for stretched msgs
      // background graphic (white with red border)
      POS bgpos;        // lower left position of bg
      SIZE bgsize;      // size of bg
typedef struct msgstate_struct MSGSTATE;

#define HEIGHT_MAX 20
#define LINE_SIZE 8

extern u16 dialogue_open;
//extern u8 newline_char ;    // 0x40 or 0x5c
extern TPOS msg_tpos;
extern TPOS msg_tpos_edge;

extern MSGSTATE msgstate;

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