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struct sound_struct
      struct sound_struct *next;    // 0-1
      u16 num;          // 2-3
      u8 *data;         // 4-5
      u8 *channel[4];   // 6-7, 8-9, A-B, C-D
typedef struct sound_struct SOUND;

struct channel_struct
      u8 *data;
      u16 duration;
      u16 toggle; // turned on (1)  but when the channel's data runs out, it's set to (0)
      u16 word1796;
      u8 attenuation;
      u8 attenuation_copy;
      u8 *dissolve;
      // for the sample mixer
      u16 freq_count;
      u16 freq_prev;
      u8 volume;  
      u16 sample_num;
      u8 *sample_cur;
      s32 count;
      s32 scale;
typedef struct channel_struct CHANNEL;

// must be mono 16bit 44100 for now
struct sample_struct
      u8 *data;
      int size;
      u16 freq_base;
      int *scale_table;
typedef struct sample_struct SAMPLE;

// --------- BASE

extern u16 sound_playing;
extern u16 sound_flag;

extern void sound_list_init(void);
extern void sound_list_new_room(void);
extern u8 *cmd_load_sound(u8 *c);
extern SOUND *sound_load(u16 snd_num);
extern u8 *cmd_sound(u8 *c);
extern u8 *cmd_stop_sound(u8 *c);
extern void sound_stop(void);

// ------ SAMPLE

extern SAMPLE *sample[2];
extern int sample_init(void);
extern void sample_denit(void);
extern void mix_new(u8 *stream, CHANNEL *c, int len);
extern void mix_add(u8 *stream, CHANNEL *c, int len);

// ------------- SDL

extern void sound_driver_init(void);
extern void sound_driver_denit(void);

void sound_new(SOUND *snd);
void sound_fill_buff(void *udata, u8 *stream, int len);
void sound_vector(void);
void sound_stop_sdl(void);
void sound_send(u16 freq);
void sound_volume(void);
SAMPLE *open_sample(u8 *file_name, int freq);
void sample_fill_chan(u8 *stream, int c,  int len);
void fill_sample_mix_audio(void *udata, u8 *stream, int len);

int snd_off;
u8 *sample_data;

//extern u8 nagi_sound_disable;

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